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Wannabe Home Baker

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Fresh Mama

Wannabe Home Baker

Hola from Mexico,  I'm fairly a novice at baking and have so much to learn...just when I think I'm getting a grasp at it, I realize how little I know; and I mean very little!  So many things like variety of flours, clean grains and yeast are limited here.  I have gleaned as a lurker for a year now and hope to continue to grow in this passion and learn many things from the site. Muchas Gracias in advance!

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A hearty welcome from Montreal, Canada, that other country in North America.  If you're just starting to bake your own bread, you should start with something simple, using plain old all-purpose flour, white or brown.  I hope you have as much joy with your baking as I have with mine.  There are lots and lots of wonderful people here who will be only too pleased to help you.