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The Bread Beckers

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The Bread Beckers

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I am very addicted to "The Bread Beckers" in Georgia, however shipping is killing me. If I lived closer, I would be in their store daily. :-) Would anyone know of a similar store in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? I have found Joyful Living, but they're quite far from my house.

Thanks! Happy baking!

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Hi SimplyRosie,

The Bread Beckers have Co-Ops in several states; however, there does not appear to be one in TX.  There is information on the BB website regarding Co-Ops if you are interested in being a coordinator.  One of the biggest benefits of belonging to a Co-Op would be the tremedous discount on shipping charges.  Also, it will be a help to others in your area who are desiring these often expensive and difficult to find food items.  Hope this helps.


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Hi Rosie,

If the co-op Bread Becker's possibility doesn't work, you might want to check out It's a company in eastern Oregon that stocks all sorts of grains/foods/supplies and distributes them via truck routes throughout much of the United States. They do go through TX, but I can't remember exactly where. They have specific drop-off points already established, or you can join with others and set up a new one.

We buy organic red and white wheat berries from them -- reasonable and good.