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bread machine

My bread machine has two paddles to work the dough but when the time comes to turn the loaf out the paddles tear the bottom of the load to bits,can you tell me the name of a bread machine that realy works. 

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What kind is it?? I have a Zojirushi that has 2 paddles as well but doesn't tear them coming out. There are other brands that do as well, but I am pretty fond of my Zo. Are you sure you have them clicked into place? Mine go almost flush with the bottom of the machine, but don't rub. Check out some thrift stores in your area to see if you can find another brand. A friend of mine even got a Zo in one!

Good luck!


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Hello, I too have a Zojirushi and don't have that problem.  I do however sometimes take the paddles out before the last rise if I remember...otherwise, the bread comes out nicely with very little tearing.


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makes a bread machine that makes claims on collapsing paddles that won't make holes in the bottom of the loaf.  It is not inexpensive.

I have a Zojirushi Virtuoso and while it does make holes in the bottom of what it makes it does not tear them to bits.

Best wishes