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If yeast is killed during baking why yeast free breads, etc for anti-candida or are they wrong?

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If yeast is killed during baking why yeast free breads, etc for anti-candida or are they wrong?

My daughter and I are on a anti-candida diet and as we've been researching what exactly this means the consensus is do not eat bread products or crackers with yeast.  But I'm confused with the concept because if yeast is killed in the baking process how can it supposedly feed a yeast overgrowth in our bodies?  Any thoughts on this or am I missing something?

Thanks - Laura

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You'll have to forgive me saying this, but this diet looks like a scam.

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You'll have to forgive me for saying this - but that's not very helpful.   

Admittedly one of the issues that is arising are the 'different' opinions out there regarding what to eat and not to eat for a candida overgrowth, and we're trying to mull through it all and go from there.  And I haven't found why 'they' say no products that use yeast - logically it doesn't make sense, if the yeast is killed during baking how can it be a threat?  'They' say that the yeast in the 'bread' or whatever will feed the yeast in the body, but IDK?  I'm not a chemist or baker and was hoping someone here might have more input than what I can find so far.

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Who is making the dietary recommendation?  A dietition/nutrititionist or MD with a license and a practice? Or a website?

A diet might have you avoid foods that encourage candida propagation, but to argue that foods that once contained yeast are bad for you would exclude almost everything at the grocery store including everything fresh. Plus Candida Albicans seems to be a particular yeast, genetically departed about 180 million years ago from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The whole notion of candida overgrowth seems to come from the alt med community which has no standing in my view and thus must be suspect on all fronts until real science provides data for analysis.  And even then you have to wait until the analysis gets done and is reviewed by somebody who is disinterested in the outcome.  Apparently Candida is an issue when it escapes the gut (and EVERYBODY has it in their gut) and becomes a systemic infection, ususally in immunocompromised patients such as those infected with HIV or on chemotherapy.  For further info see this scholarly paper in fulltext that seems credible:

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Mary Clare

My husband was on this kind of diet last February, and I thought the whole thing about no yeast was a bit off, since, as it was mentioned, yeast is killed when it is baked. (No mushrooms allowed either -- did they think mushrooms would grow inside you?)

The whole idea of the diet plan my husband followed was to try to cut out most carbohydrates so the yeast would have little to feed upon, and bread is a load of carbohydrates.  He did eat quinoa, which is higher in protein than most grains, and lots of veggies and meat -- no sugar, fruit, alcohol, or bread, etc.  I only made little loaves of bread for me, and ate it alone : )  

But.... he did feel better within just one week.  His energy returned, the drowsiness went, so did the intestinal gas, the mental fog.  He took probiotics, too.  But after one month, he began introducing other foods back into his diet...  Now he is back to eating whatever he wants, and he feels about how he did before he began last February -- it's a tough diet to stick with.

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Thanks Mary.

That is very useful information.  We will be modifying eventually, but our goal is to change our 'diet' as more of a lifestyle change:

Non-GMO foods

Low sugar

no cow dairy

lots of vegis, some fruits

organic or locally raised meats -no grain fed, hormones, antibiotics etc

no hydrogenated oils

We will be doing this with a realistic view of if we stray here and there it won't kill us, mainly with these parameters just being more aware of the food we eat.

We also have another motivator is that she just got diagnosed with Crohn's so our awareness of foods is very important for her and us as a family.


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The anti-candida diet is about not fueling the fire. Breads which contain yeast have a ton of carbs which feed the yeast in your system. As do sugars and fruits (more carbs). The mushroom thing is from being a fungus which is similar to mold (which is a fuel as well). Fermented products are also off limits (vinegars, pickles). Honestly, processed flours should be avoided as well (carbs, bah).

I don't think that it is needed for most people as we all have candida in our systems, sometimes it does go crazy but should be diagonsed by an MD.  (I have issues, diagonsed by a ton of tests and medically treated with injection rounds and such to balance out my growth that moves into my intestines in a bad way, I still bake and eat bread during good phases but monitor it carefully).