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Who do YOU share bread with?

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Who do YOU share bread with?

I enjoy baking, so I like to bake loads on the weekend - about 12-13 lbs/weekend, which is far more than my sweetie and I can eat in a week.  That's why I end up giving away some of it.

This morning, for example, I shared the following:

  • 2 x light rye (85/15 white/light rye) baguettes with a friend who I used to be in the military with;
  • 1 x light rye baguette with one neighbour who shared a jar of grape jelly his wife made with grapes he grew on the side of his house (this is like growing figs outdoors in Minnesota, so I'm treating the jam like gold);
  • 2 x 85/15 whole wheat/dark rye to the same neighbour after he gave me the lovely jelly;
  • 1 x light rye baguette to another neighbour down the street, a young couple;
  • 1 x light rye baguette to yet another neighbour, who was getting ready to have lunch with her mom and her daughter; and
  • 1 x WW/rye baguette to the young couple who grow the wheat/rye/buckwheat/spelt and mill the non-white flour I use.

Who do YOU share bread with?  As a gift?  In exchange for services/products?  Just because?

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on anyone who is easily fooled - those  I haven't given bread to before :-)  Like you;  my wife, apprentice and I can't eat all the bread we bake and that is only about a couple of loaves a week!   The dentist got (4) 1/4 boules of different breads and (1) WW baguette this week.  There are exactly 5 people working there so hopefully they each got taste of their own medicine :-) 

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I recently had hip replacement surgery. Folks from my Zen center have been wonderful, helping me with shopping, housekeeping, even money. One friend showed up every day for weeks to change the dressing on my incision. 

They get bread :) 

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.... of bread: Yesterday, with 12 shaped baguettes ready to load into the oven, the element burned out. Panic time, until my sweetie phoned a friend of the family, who was happy to have me over to bake and chat. The "Bread Fairy" left behind a couple of baguettes as thanks.

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Each week, I trade a loaf of whole wheat bread for a dozen eggs with a friend who has chickens.  I can't have chickens here because of homeowners association rules.

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and share it with my knitting group!