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re buying 14x20 baking stone on eBay - a sad tale

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re buying 14x20 baking stone on eBay - a sad tale


> It was difficult even to purchase the 14x20 baking stone from the seller
> seller communications were poor and only in response to emails from me
> the stone arrived broken
> refund was slow coming and was obtained only after numerous emails from me
> I spent many hours tracking and documenting the process. Without this digital documentation, I fear I would not gotten my refund


This seller only sells through eBay, so an order for a larger stone requires her to post the ad on eBay, inform you and for you to bid ASAP.

After numerous emails between us, the seller posted a listing for the 14x20 baking stone, notified me, and I bid and won item 160105001815 on Apr 9, 2007. I had to email the seller to determine required postage. I paid via Paypal on Apr 10th.

I had been concerned about slow shipping on the seller's part and my fears were confirmed. About 10 days after payment, I emailed seller stating package had not arrived and inquiring for a tracking number. Seller responded the same day, giving me the FedEx tracking number. I feel the seller should have given me this info without requiring inquiry on my part.

The FedEx tracking number showed the baking stone was shipped Apr 23, 13 days after my payment. It arrived Apr 27.

Despite good packaging, the stone was broken in two pieces. I took documentary photos, uploaded them to my account and emailed the seller on Apr 29, giving the URLs for the photos and asking for a refund.

While seller promised a refund in her response on Apr 29; it took an additional email from me, sent May 3, to get the seller even to initiate a refund through Paypal, which she did on May 9, 10 days after my first request. The Paypal email notification said This refund will remain pending until the funds have cleared from the sender's account. You will receive an email notification once the funds have become available in your PayPal account.

On May 14, with no refund yet in my Paypal account, I finally posted negative feedback for this seller to eBay. Miraculously, the Paypal refund was completed the following day, May 15.

On May 16, after initiating a transfer from my Paypal account to my bank account, I emailed seller and offered to delete my negative feedback from eBay. This was done. Here is the transaction showing both seller's and my (buyer's) feedback...


This saga started when I saw a mention of these baking stones by Cliff Johnston on February 21, 2007 - 4:39pm. see

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I bought this one and it works great in a regular size oven:

Baking Stone

Plus .. shipping is safe and Customer Service -if needed- very prompt and straight forward.


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That is the same one I have. I ordered it from Amazon too and have been happy with it.

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Besides the HearthKit, which is expensive, King Arthur now has a line of reasonably-priced straight stones.


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Very happy with the stone and Amazon. No worries!

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Not to sound too pedestrian, but I have two 13" round stones from Pampered Chef that have served me well for at least 8 years. They aren't particularly thick, but I leave one in the oven on the bottom rack full-time and they get "blistering hot" (to use the words of BROTKUNST). I also just bought a 13x15 stone by Norpro last weekend from a local kitchen place so I could bake baguettes, because the round stones would only accommodate one 13" baguette at a time. It has worked well this week, baking one batch of French baguettes from BBA, two batches of Jason's Coccodrillo Ciabatta, and two pizzas.

I'd really love that hearth kit, though. I yearn for it every time the Baker's Catalog comes.

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If s.persona or somebody is considering buying a baking stone, you could ask yourself if you need rather a rectangular one or a round stone.

I bought first a round stone (b/c La Cloche, single loafs, pizza and more appealing 'look' ) but then I needed a rectangular one, as Kjknits mentioned, for baguettes or multiple loafs.

Today I am just using my rectangular baking stone... the thinner round one I use only on some occasions. In hindsight I just needed the one rectangular stone.


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I think I could have gotten along all these years with just the rectangular one, so I heartily recommend your idea, brotkunst!