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Multiple Batch Baking

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David A

Multiple Batch Baking

Hello Everyone,

I recently (two weeks ago) started baking my own bread. Ive started off with a very simple pita receipe. Ive had some great successes and minor (aka didnt puff) failures. Everytime I make a single receipe I get very good results however as soon as I double the recipe I get hockey pucks or loaves. It dawned on me today that the issue might be the rise time when I double the recipe. Since I am doubling all the ingredients should I also be doubling the rise time?


David A.

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Hi David,

If you doubled all the ingredients, including the yeast, then you shouldn't need to double the proofing time.  A couple of things come to mind. First, if the dough is doubled, are you achieving the same gluten development?  If you are using a machine to knead, is the machine capable of handling that much dough? Another possibility is temperature.  The speed of the rise is highly dependent on the dough temperature.  Is a double batch coming out the same temperature as a single batch?  If it is lower, you would need to increase the proofing time, which may be indirectly because you are doubling the batch size.