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Water roux method - ratio of roux to other flour

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Water roux method - ratio of roux to other flour

I've been wanting to try the water roux method for a bit now and have trolled around The Fresh Loaf and the internet to get an idea of the ratio of roux to flour but either I'm dense or no one says, for example: use 50 gm roux for a recipe containing 500 gm flour.

Is there an optimum ratio for the roux to the rest of the flour in any given recipe?  10% by weight, 20%?



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You can put 5 to 10% of the total flour into the roux without any problem. I use 5%. Look in the captions under the photos in this album:

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Generally, the formula you will find is BY WEIGHT 1 part flour to 5 parts water. When I first started using this method, I didn't realize it was by weight and used 1 tbsp flour to 5 tbsp water. It works either way-you just get a slightly different consistency. I think the idea is to provide a source of starchy gel to the dough. A roux is one way and a non-gluten forming flour that is properly hydrated is another.

I have adapted this technique to almost any recipe in which I want to make a softer crumb. I just take 1 tbsp of the flour in the recipe and 5 tbsp of the liquid and make a roux. When it is cool, I mix it into the rest of the dough. Sometimes I have to adjust a little flour/water but usually not. Alternatively, I feel I get almost the same result when I add a small amount of rye flour to a recipe.Usually about a tablespoon in a 3-4 cup flour recipe.

Experiment and have delicious fun!