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WANTED: Bosch Universal Attachments

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WANTED: Bosch Universal Attachments

I recently acquired a Bosch Universal model MUM 6610 UC (NOT Universal Plus) mixer, and I love it. It came with the blender, dough hook, cookie paddles and whisk attachments; however, upon surfing the net I find that there are really no retailers selling attachments for this unit since the Plus came out.

I wondered if anyone here might have any other attachments for my particular model, and if so, wanted to sell them, or might be able to point me in the right direction of somewhere I can purchase them.

Thanks in advance for any offers, ideas, etc. I appreciate it!

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Did you try Ebay or Amazon?

You may be able to find some that way.

Good luck.

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Hi there,

I have the exact same problem. I've been dying to get my hands on a stand mixer for ages. I couldn't afford a Kenwood (£180 for a most basic version) and most other stuff on the market either had bad reviews, or was made by brands I'll never have heard of, so after much research I decided on a Bosch MUM. I knew from the start it would be hard to get hold of attachments as there are very very few stockists here in the UK, but that's probably part of the reason why my 3-attachment mixer and 4-disc food processor was only £100 (as opposed to some £400-£450 for a Kenwood chef) - Bosch are clearly not eager to spend cagillions on promoting this type of product in the UK or US, but are instead banking on the Eastern European market.

For whatever reason, those few UK stockists that sell the appliances themselves, don't seem to stock any attachments. Some attachments are on Amazon but will be posted direct from Germany which often adds hefty postage fees. HOWEVER, if you go to or, you may be able to find a much better deal on both the base price and the postal rate. That's IF they'd be happy to post to where you are.

You'll need to do a specific search for the part number though, not a generic "Bosch Universal attachments" if you know what I mean. Particularly if your German, like mine, is lacking :-)

But here's an example. This potato chipper disc will cost me EUR21.5 (approx £17.50) with postage from, but the cheapest offer on is £24. Which is much better than a few months ago when I couldn't find it cheaper than £30 with postage, and TBH why would I get an attachment that cost 1/3 of the machine itself?

Anyway, have a look around, and you may well be able to find yourself a good deal. The only problem though is, I fear postage to the US may be way higher than within the EU.

Your other option then, if you have any friends or family who live or travel to the EU, would be to ask them to bring back the attachments you're after. Even better if you know someone in Eastern Europe or Russia. I found my attachment for under £14 on some Polish and Russian websites, but because most of those websites won't post further than across the road, the only thing to do is to actually go to that country.

Best of luck!

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plevee has attachments that fit the MUM 6 Universal mixers.

Or you could get the much cheaper Bosch Compact and attachments are easily available!