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Chad Robertson video - blast from the past

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Chad Robertson video - blast from the past

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Song Of The Baker

Thanks for that Phil!  Great to see him back in the beginnings (he was about 10 years old in that video!  Doogie Howser of bakers).  I was in San Fran 4 years ago but wasn't into bread baking and artisan breads as I am now.  I took a tour of the Boudin Bakery and had an amazing sandwhich with sourdough, but I SO wish I had known of Chad's place.  Can't wait till my next visit to that amazing city.


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Thanks for finding this video, Phil; very enjoyable to hear Chad talk about his beautiful bread,
and to see his shaping demo :^)
Chad's video was followed by one from his wife, who demonstrated a beautifully-patterned soft gingerbread -
so happy to see this lovely baking idea, inspiration for the approaching holiday season.
:^) breadsong