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Looking for 1/2 size bread pans-not mini pans

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Mius Mom

Looking for 1/2 size bread pans-not mini pans

I would like to make bread that is the same height as a regular loaf of bread, but 1/2 loaf size. Is there such thing as a pan this size (not mini loaf)? I know I can make a boule or other freeform shape, but I have someone that wanted to buy a 1/2 loaf. They didn't want to buy a whole loaf, cut it in half and freeze it. They prefer just baked and wanted the regular cut for sandwiches. Thanks for any info someone can give.


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One of the simplest things you can do is to make two loaves, oil the sides where they would touch and put them in the same pan.  Once baked they can be simply pulled apart. 

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The suggestion of 2 loaves to a pan works quite well but I use oatmeal between the loaves. I'll have to try the oil next time.

Look in the cupboard. I have found nearly ALL ny "specialty" pans in the form of corning casserole dishes. They have so many shapes. I bake for 2 people and use the 1 1/2 qt rectangle pan like in the picture. It gives a widepan shaped slice that is great for sandwiches and still fits in the toaster.

I have used aluminum garden edging and flashing as a pan divider,also. It cuts with a cheap scissors quite easily.

The problem I had was getting a casserole pan with enough depth. Check out steam table pans-they come in all sizes and are stainless steel. I often find orphan steam table pans at a re-sale or thrift store.

Here is a pic of my favorite bread pan:

And a picture of a favorite loaf made in the pan:

Have delicious fun!


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Not exactly 1/2 bread pans but not mini pan either.  Maybe they would work for what you want.