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Experimenting with scoring sourdough

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Experimenting with scoring sourdough


Hello Fellow Bakers!

I have  been learning from many of you, whether you know it or not. David had a great post about scoring, minioven always has good advice, and many others, which I did not mention, thank you!  I just wanted to brag a little. :) This is white sourdough I baked several days back and scored it like wheat levain at New Seasons (those of you who live in Portland, may know what I am talking about). As usual, any critique and advice are always welcome! Thanks for looking. :)

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Nice loaf!   Scoring is always a bit nerve wrecking for me, I think you did a great job!  I tend to always do it the same boring way, afraid of trying new designs...


I should be a bit more adventurous...  ;-)

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Thanks, Sally!  If the dough looks particularly good, I, too, am loath to experiment. :) So your dough must be exceptional!


Your Bread looks Fine.

I agree that the scoring tutorial by david Snyder, has been a big help for those of us exploring the beautifull Art of Artisan Baking.

Carlos Barajas

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I'm glad you found the scoring tutorial helpful.


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Carlos and David, thanks for your replies. This site is like a gold mine of experience. The information here is really amazing.