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Pretzel Rolls from pre-made dough/ par baked

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Pretzel Rolls from pre-made dough/ par baked

We have a small specialty shop and would like to make pretzel rolls for sandwiches and such.  We would like to use with pre made or par-baked dough.  

  • Is there a good source for pre-made or par-baked dough for pretzels/bagels that can be formed into rolls?
  • Would like to have the lye white dough that is seen in the ny begels we have here, is there a commercial source for that? frozen/par baked?
  • Does the oven type matter? regular commercial or convection? steam?

We would prefer to not make the dough from start since we do have space limitations at the location we are in but would be able to boil dough and bake.

this is the style we are looking for.  


Thank you

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Mini Oven

with lye bath.  50% hydration wheat dough with diastatic malt risen with yeast.   

More can be found under Laugenbrötchen, laugenstangerl.  Which city/country is your shop?  

Here is a link to an Austrian company that sells frozen product. LINK 


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thank you for response and links.  the shop is in upsate NY,  USA - so I guess a USA distributor would be best if anyone knows of one.