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hello from indiana

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hello from indiana

Good morning,


I stumbled upon this web site because I had a question about freezing bread dough to bake later...3 hours later I am still having a great time reading the post.  I have been baking my own bread at home for 9 months. I am still loving every minute of it. I have learned a lot from the post here. Everyone is very polite.


Thank you for letting me be a member of your community.

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Yes you can do it! Why would you freeze it to only bake it 3 hours later? Will this dough be full proofed before you freeze it?

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I think they were saying they got sucked into reading posts for 3 hours.  LOL!

I'm new here too, and I also got lost for hours and hours reading all sorts of interesting things.

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Welcome and enjoy your stay.