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in search of a winter internship

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in search of a winter internship

Hello bread bakers!

Over the past year and a half since graduating from college I've explored all sorts of jobs, hobbies, adventures, and I've found myself in constant battle between what I think I should be doing and what I'm naturally drawn to. I've slowly sifted through this all and have come to find that it might just make sense to take some of my hobbies to the next level.

I have a passion for baking, fermenting, pickeling, jamming, canning, brewing, and cheese making. It's quite a large scope, and considering the winter is approaching I've decided to search for the most seasonally suitable internship- bread baking.

If anyone out there knows of a great bread baking internship/apprenticeship/work trade either on a farm or a homestead or something else , even an intro level job, I've been surfing the internet for all sorts of opportunities and I figured it wouldn't hurt to reach out to this community as well.

I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere if the fit is right.

Thanks for your help!