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Such Good Advice!

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Such Good Advice!

I am sending these pictures for my sister Barb, who with much help from our friends on TFL has mastered the art of  making Tartine loaves. Below are the latest loaves with her thanks to all those great folks who gave her such good advice.  Thank you from her (gmabaking) and from her two little sisters, because you know we have to try that now, also. ;-)

 Isn't this a great looking loaf?

and then you look closely at these blisters, and ears!       MAMA MIA! What a great crumb shot!  LOL...

I am having fun with the photo posting, Barb had the fun with the baking.... and she, hubby and grandsons, with the

tasting!  Thanks again TFLers for helping my sister.



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but having fun in the process

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that lead to a new skill and great bread, is one of the many character attributes required for success in all things and in the gaining of new skills.  Well done!

What is not to like about that bread!  That crust and crumb have taste good all over them.

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