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Hey y'all, from South Carolina

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Hey y'all, from South Carolina

Hey!  My name is Katie and I am new to this site.  Well, I have ended up here many times after googling for one thing or another, but I've finally registered.  I guess that makes me a former lurker.  Anyway, I am a stay-at-home mom, bookkeeper for our family business, consultant to the insurance company I used to work for, knitting blogger, and whatever else needs to be done.  I have two kids, ages 3-1/2 and 2. 

I have been baking for about 10 years--the bug started for me when I first got married and decided to make my own pizza dough.  My pizza has come a long way since then (particularly since I found PR's Neo-neapolitan recipe), and I also now bake four loaves of sandwich bread a week for my family.  Plus the various and sundry artisan style breads that I try from time to time.  I baked Jason's Cocodrillo Ciabatta today and now have a new favorite rustic bread.

Anyway, that's me. I look forward to getting to know everyone here!  (And as an aside, I am a lurking member of another rather well-known baking board, but sadly, that one isn't very friendly to those who aren't in the inner circle.  I can already tell this place is different.)

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Sounds like you'll be a great addition! How about sharing some pizza photos and recipes?


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Indeed welcome Katie.


I think you'll find that there are plenty of friendly people that are willing to help you if you have a problem here. Just as many that are happy to civily discuss differences in anything from technique to toasters. If you are new to baking (which I see you are not) you can use Floyd's lessons as a starting point for gaining knowledge. If you are experienced you can pull whatever you can get from the forums; and don't get me started on the recipe section. I still haven't made half of the ones I've wanted to try.


Now I'll echo Susan's request: Next pizza you make try to post a photo of it. Some have more trouble than others accomplishing this task but Floyd has a how-to for that too.

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And welcome, from a dang yankee...........I dont have an inner circle, unless you count the donut in my pocket.  So your good in my book....

Hope to see your posts soon.

Tattooed Tonka

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Glad you are here..looking forward to all you have to share!!

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Welcome to a great group of people with big hearts (well, mostly...hehe) all of whom are major dough lovers.  I know what you mean about the "inner circle" thing but you will not find that here. 

While I would love to renew my lessons in knitting (the only thing I ever made was a gorgeous shawl many years ago that I adored and promptly gave to a friend) but I'll settle for learning about baking from you.  :o)

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Thanks for the warm welcomes!  I laughed about the donut-inner circle comment.  =)  I have quite a few favorite baking recipes and will be happy to share them here, when I can figure out how to do all of that.  And, I'm making pizza tonight, so maybe I can rustle up a photo.  A word of warning, though--my shaping technique is wanting.  They always end up oddly oblong.  But that gives it character, right?  Freschetta and DiGiorno can keep their perfect circles.  =)