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yeast and salt

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yeast and salt

I have "Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day" cookbook and in it the author combines water and equal amounts of salt and yeast, then adds the flour.

Has anyone tried this method of mixing bread dough   (water, yeast and salt) and is it successful?

I was taught to proof yeast with a pinch of sugar and water before proceeding with the recipe.


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I do not own this book but have this comment.  What is described here will work, however I would not combine water, salt and yeast.  I can see no advantage to this (possibly there is an explanation in the book).  I have looked at this book in the past and left it alone as a book that is not for me.

You do not need to proof yeast with sugar.  In fact, with modern dried yeasts, they do not need proofing at all.  It is said that active dry yeast needs to be mixed with water first and that instant dry yeast does not.  I have not found this to be true and fnd that either yeast will work without first being mixed with water.  I use instant dry yeast.


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.... you can mix the instant dry yeast right into the flour before mixing 'er all up, and it'll work.