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how can I control how much my baguette open (the lip)

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how can I control how much my baguette open (the lip)

Hi there :) 

I have been trying to control how much lip would form when I bake my baguette but without any success. it start nice as you see in the baking picture. and then boom the baguette get ripped and open very wide like the 2nd picture lol. it is not bad but I wish if I can minimize it and get more surface area of the golden crust. 

Any ideas that might help ? 

I start my baking at 500 F with steam then 5 minutes later i lower it to 450 F. 


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It looks like you are under-proofed.  And you may want to consider lowering the oven temperature even further (perhaps 400°F or 380°F) and baking a little longer. The loaf is small but my guess would be that the crumb is pretty tight.


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oh I forgot to mention some points about my dough. 

It is a sourdough baguette and there is no yeast in it (so instead of making big loaf I just mix the whole batch and everyday take a 300 grams and make me a fresh sandwich). So  I did take it from the fridge and let it get warm to kitchen temperture then shaped it into small baguette since I am trying to make small sandwich size bageutte and let it proof for 90 minutes. (How did you tell that it was underproofed?)

I am not sure about the crumbs but I guess they were tight as you see in the picture attached below after i made my chicken pesto sandwich :D

Doc.Dough, did you mean lower it to 380F from 500F or start the oven at 380 F from the beginning ? Thanks for your comments


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You say you take 300g to make a fresh sandwich but my "full" sized baguettes (as long as I can get into my oven anyway) are only 350g! I use about 100g of 68% hydration dough for one sandwich.