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Egg Replacer

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Egg Replacer

My friend recently bought me a box of this egg replacer. I'm not a vegan, so I'm basically using it as a back-up when I don't have any eggs lying around (I do a lot of quick bread baking, so it comes in handy for cookies and the like).

I was wondering, though, how well this would work for breads. Egg is often used in bread as a softener, a source of fat, and for flavor, right? The replacer is really meant to emulate the chemical qualities of egg (that is, it's leavening abilities for things like cookies), so would it work well for yeasted breads? I especially wonder about breads like brioche, challah, and pain au lait where the egg flavor/fat would seem to be central. I know that there are some vegan recipes for these out there using egg replacer, but I wonder if you can just take any ol' bricohe recipe and substitute the replacer in.

I was also wondering if egg replacer would work well for egg washes.

Any thoughts?

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Christine Cassidy

I use this egg replacer because I am vegetarian.  It is fine when I only have to replace one or two eggs in quick breads (like banana bread) or in some cakes and in cookies. I usually use a bit more than it calls for, use warm water to mix and also beat it with a small whisk to try to add as much air into the volumne as I can.  It acts as a binder due to the potato starch and it has some leavening added to try to replace that action of eggs but it really cannot do the yeasted breads that have egg in them.  As you guessed, eggs add fat and flavour and have leavening properties that just cannot be duplicated.  I do miss brioche, I wish it could do that.  Since you are not vegetarian you would probably be happier with powdered eggs if you just want to keep something in your pantry for if you run out.  Also, it cannot do anything to replace an egg wash.  I sometimes brush whole milk on a pie crust to add a little shine and help it brown.King Arthur Flour had Dried Whole Eggs in their Baker's Catalogue if you can't find them locally. 

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Yeah, I kind of figured it wouldn't work as well with yeasted breads; thanks for the input.

Looks like I'm going to go have to search for some eggs around here. I wonder if I can find a half-dozen somewhere.

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I make Vegan Products on a daily basis. As an example in the Bakers Apprentice there is a recipe for sticky buns. I have altered this recipe to use Coconut Oil and "ground flaxseed egg". This makes for very light and tasty buns. We use coconut (with mollases and Jaggery) and Pumpkin Kaya (pumkin and coconut milk jam) as fillings. If anyone wants the recipe of these fillings let me know).

I have not yet tried Brioche and yes it would have a distinct coconut taste from the oil (we use our home made oil , not RBD)instead of an egg taste, but the secret would be to "hide" this subtle taste with a more blatant one i.e coconut filling.




Martin Prior