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Hello from Bristol, UK

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Hello from Bristol, UK


Just introducing myself. I have been making bread at home for the last two years. I make a "standard loaf" about 4 days per week which provides all the toast and sandwich bread in our house. I use 280g strong white, 300g strong wholemeal, 75g brown linseeds, 50g pumpkin seeds, 7g yeast, 5g salt.

I have also had a go with sour dough bread, and have frozen my starter in small portions for restarting at a later date. We just don't get through enough bread to justify making it regularly.

I have also made rye bread (Dan Lepard's recipe), and Ciabatta (Richard Bertinet) with good results.

My son got me into breadmaking (and gave me a Kenwood Chef to do my kneading). He was a pastry chef with Heston Blumenthal and Giancarlo Caldesi, and more recently head chef of a Wiltshire pub (British Food Pub of the Year 2011) where he produced all his own bread. He is now in Australia working on a rare breeds farm!

See a short video of him here:

Twitter @Danlikes2cook




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hello there i was born in bristol myself now living in devon, new to bread making though i come on here to see about makingwholemeal bread asmine wont rise and comes out like a brick lol my white bread is lovely though :)

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Hi and welcome fellow UK TFL'er.