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I want a sweeter dough...

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I want a sweeter dough...

Finaly I found time to try my hand at the pizza dough again.  This time it was great and I turned it into a Calzone that my girlfriend makes at work.  The result was wonderful and very tasteful.  I added brown sugar to the recipe for pizza dough on this site.  I think next time I am going to try adding more sugar, because I like to have a sweet pizza dough.  Does anyone have any tips on making my dough sweeter?



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David, That looks so delicious, and really really inviting how it's cut and shaped. What did you fill it with? As to sweetening your dough, you can simply add what appeals to you in the way of sugar or honey etc. You could easily throw in up to half a cup or so, remembering honey is quite a bit sweeter than sugar, and your dough may end up taking more flour because sugar actually functions as a liquid (I believe, though I've been wrong before...) But since you're already familiar with how a successful dough feels, just add what you want and adjust the flour as you see fit. You might want a pinch more salt if you go very much sweeter than 1/2 a cup to the 5 cups flour in the recipe, to compensate for the sugar's effect on rise time and crumb. I wouldn't be reluctant to add a tablespoon of salt in total if you add as much sweetener as 1/2 a cup. Also, with the higher sugar content you'll probably find your crust browning much faster, be careful about burning and adjust your heat downward if necessary.

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You could try rolling the dough in turbinado sugar.  It would add sweetness and a nice little crunch.  Just toss a bit on your counter and roll the dough into it before you prepare your pizza. 

I have a wonderful little cookie recipe that uses this method by rolling the "dough logs" into turbinado sugar before chilling and cutting.  It works so well and is delicious.