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Hi from Virginia

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Hi from Virginia

Hi Everyone,

I have been an almost daily visitor to this site for the last six months. Floyd, you have done a great job with this site and I have learned so much about making bread. Thanks also to sour dogh lady for the pineapple juice in the starter hint. That is one of the first things I learned on this site and my starter is six months old and really developing a lot of flavor. I had several failed attempts using BBA starter recipe before I found this site.

Over a month ago, I was making my weekly sour dough loaf using the cast iron pan in the bottom of the oven to create steam. I did not notice it at the time, but I must have dropped water on the oven door glass as I discovered a large crack later that week. I was attempting to order new glass for the door when a power surge destroyed the electronic board in the oven. The range was deemed as not cost effective to repair. I went several weeks without an oven and was getting very anxious about not making any bread. I decided to refresh my starter and just throw the majority of it away (I usually only save a couple of tablespoons). The starter was refreshed and bubbling away, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw it out and I don't know another bread maker to give it to. So I came to this site and searched on "Grill" and sure enough,  I found hints and pictures of people who have made bread on a gas grill. I loaded my bread stone and created some really good bread on the grill. Not my best, but after several weeks of no bread, it was a treat.

I got my new Bosch gas convection oven installed this week and my sour dough loaf is proofing now. Needless to say, I am really excited about baking bread today. I made my own steam oven with a steamer and a commercial stainless steel bowl and will be using that for the first time today as well.

Again, I just want to say thank you for all of the wonderful posts on this site and to remind everyone who pours water into a pan to create steam to protect the glass on their oven doors.


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Mini Oven

Good post, Sounds like a good oven, how'd the bread come out?  I bit my lip the last time I dripped onto the glass and luckily nothing happened.  You are right, I should cover it with a towel or something next time.   --Mini Oven

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My oven has a glass door, also.  Thanks for this heads up.  My landlord would be furious.  And..i'd probably not have an oven for a long time.

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Diana, how is the new oven working?  I'm sure you're thrilled to have a working one again.  I'd love to hear how you created your own steamer--would you mind sharing your method?  Thanks!


Katie in SC