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ITJB Montreal bagels

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ITJB Montreal bagels

Had the baking itch tonite. Went to the bookshelf and scanned the books. Decided to make either bagels or croissants so I had something for breakfast tomorrow. Wanted something quick so I went with ITJB bagels. Im a NYC bagel person but didnt want all the work in the morning. So, montreal bagels it was. I was unsure about the no salt thing. They came out good not NYC good, but good. Flavor is unique and its what sets them apart from your typical bagel. I want to try these in a wood fired oven. I think the smokey flavor will really make this bagel. Feel free to use any of my pics for thefreshloaf floyd.

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you on the NY bagels.  I have Stan Ginsberg's favorites retarding in the fridge for tomorrow's bake.   Both Montreal and NYC are great places to visit, but NYC has the best bagels not even close.

Nice baking regardlees!

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I have to make some Hamelmans bagels with a lye dip again. I just might to that tomorrow night for Friday.