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kneadable pie crust?

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kneadable pie crust?

Hi guys! I just recently found this forum and really loving it! Just in time to ask about a pie crust enquiry.

So I had recently came up with the idea of making bite-sized apple pies - it's basically a pie crust ball filled with apple filling.

I was thinking of rolling out a standard pie crust, placing a teaspoon of apple filling and closing it using standard bread molding technique.

But to no avail, the crust broke down really easily and after being baked, it ripped open with apple filling overflowing out of it. 

On top of that, the pie crust itself was extremely thick - I had a hard time swallowing it from having so much crust in a small dimension. This is mostly due to the fact that I cannot roll the crust as thin as I wanted without ripping it apart.

So my question is - is there a way to in some way strengthen a pie crust and make it more elastic? I came across this recipe upon quickly browsing the forum: - and was wondering if having the addition will help. 

I will try once again tomorrow using this pie crust recipe and tell you all how it turns out - but as of now any help is appreciated! 


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Hi k.adhiputra,

Cutting down the fat, as noted in the reference you cite will indeed create a more pliable paste.   The trouble is that it will toughen the paste too, and therefore reduce the eating quality [the "shortness", or, "friability" in the mouth].

Have you thought about using a hot water, or, a boiled paste formula?

Best wishes


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Perhaps you should be trying empanada dough recipes. They are not as flaky, but should hold up better to a bit of handling when forming your shapes. I guess this is due to the addition of egg, water, and sometimes a touch of vinegar.


Edit: Ah, now I see that the recipe you indirectly linked to is in fact an empanada dough. Yes, that's the direction I'd advise you to try.

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Mini Oven

so that it doesn't go runny and wild.  One idea is to add bread crumbs to the apple mixture or the filling could be precooked, shaped and frozen.  Wrapping dough around a frozen chunk of apple is easy and when baked right away, the crust gets baked as the middles get thawed.


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Thanks a lot for the advice guys! I'm glad that I am at least on the right page. I'll try the empanada recipe tomorrow and will take photos of the result. 

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Try the link below for Vodka pie crust.  It is very easy to work with and does not break, crack or crumble.



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I second the suggestion that you try the vodka crust. I've used it quite a bit and find it nearly foolproof in terms of ease of rolling compared to doughs made with only water.

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You mention not being able to roll the the crust as thin as you want.  Have you tried rolling the crust with the dough sandwiched between layers of plastic wrap?  You are then rolling on the plastic wrap and not touching the dough.  It works well.  Also remember that rolling is really "coaxing" not "forcing".


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Or use waxed paper or oven paper, or for smaller items, a cut-open gallon ziplock, instead of the plastic wrap Jeff suggests. Thin plastic wrap wrinkles easily, and that makes it harder for me to handle it, roll with it and reuse it. The ziplock trick is common when making tortillas, and you can try that with a tortilla press if you have one.

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Mini Oven

You might try this dough and recipe using potato.  In China I learned a cute trick using a metal fountain pen cover to core small apples.  Spices could be blended with butter and stuffed into the middle of a peeled small apple.ödel

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Like a pie, there needs to be a way for the expanding air to escape.  Prick the tip with a fork to allow steam to escape.  Empinada recipe for sure!

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hey guys I have made a new thread for a quick update on my attempt at the vodka dough:

I had just realized how to add pictures on a comment when I posted the new thread, so please forgive me for creating a new thread!

Thank you all for the advice, I will keep working on this recipe and maybe post it up if anybody is keen!