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Forming baguettes

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Forming baguettes

These were my first "baguettes". Tartine recipe, combination poolish and natural wild yeast leaven. 


Personally was unhappy how they came out from an aesthetic perspective, bu they tasted amazing and the 3 I brought to work were devoured. I tried it and the inside was great, they just don't look anything like the Tartine ones. Forming them was challenging.

Any tios?


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My opinion is that they are beautiful because of the "love and care" put into them... the great part is they tasted great! That is what counts... shape in loaves is no more important than shape in women... the true test is whether they have TASTE!


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They look good in their own right, but as you were trying for a specific shape, I can understand your disappointment. I have found shaping wet dough can be tricky in general, and baguettes even more so. I dislike myself for saying this, because it always sounds so callous, but if you use the search function, you'll find some info on shaping wet doughs in which the posters explain much better than I various techniques for overcoming the challenge. A couple of points are to make sure you get a tight shape, so the dough will rise correctly. Also, proof the baguettes on a linen to wick away some moisture from the crust. Here is a good blog entry that goes through that exact dough step by step.


*edited to correct own stupidity.