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Potato Stotties

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Potato Stotties



Here goes my first attempt at posting a recipe.  Alas I forgot to take any photos of this bread which is not altogether very helpful.  The recipe is also pretty rough and ready but this is a hard bread to get wrong.

For those that aren't familiar with Stottie bread it is a flat bread that originates from the north east of England.  It takes it's name (I assume) from being 'stotted'  (bounced) off the floor of the oven.




250g ripe starter (@ approx 80%)

200g potato flakes

650g bread flour

16 grams salt

Water ?  I'm sorry I can't be specific I never weigh it.




Mix potato flakes with paddle attachment and enough cold water to re-hydrate into creamy consistency.

Switch to dough hook and add starter and another cup of water.  Mix to incorporate.  Add flour and salt and mix for a further 2-3 mins at 1st speed.  Then mix for 4-5 mins on 2nd speed until a soft but silky dough is achieved.  Add extra water as required.

Tip dough into an oiled container and retard overnight.

The mix you have the following day will have 'pudged' significantly into an unholy box of gloop.  Allow to return to ambient temperature before spooning ladle fulls of approx 450 g onto a well floured board.  Quickly, using a dough scraper, work the dough into a rough circle before flipping over onto a floured peel.  Speed is of the essence!  Place the dough directly onto the oven floor, pre-heated stone or up turned tray.  Spray the oven and wait approx 8 mins before flipping over.  Cook for a further 8 mins or so until both sides have a gentle brown colour.

I tend to cook these at the end of a bake with the oven temp at around 400 degrees fahrenheit.

Real mashed potatoes can obviously be used but for convenience I use flakes which contain only potato, salt and cream powder.

People tell me they taste great when split, toasted and topped with soft poached eggs.  I personally have never eaten them as I am allergic to milk!  Once things settle down at the bakery and I stop flying by the seat of my pants I will make some with real potatoes, omit the cream, and give them a go.

Sorry for the lack of specifics.


Below are a couple of pics I took this weekend.


Andy- thanks for the pointer re- wood sourcing.  It has been decided though to make a concerted effort at cutting and using the willow that grows on the site.  This may be easier said than done as it has not been touched since being planted 15 years ago!

Thanks to all for the kind comments.



The oven was fired for 10 hours which turned out to be too much.  Most of the bread over proved while I was trying to cool the oven down fromm 800 degrees ft.


Inside the cavern!  I had to give up cooking directly on the oven floor as it is too hard to get all the loaves out from the back- it is 11 feet to the back wall.

1st attempt at croissants and apple/raisin pastries.



Today was a particularly satisfying day as I handed my notice in at work.  No more wages so this bakery had better work!



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No wonder you want to use the wood on site to fire it.  It would make your profits much better not to have to pay a pretty penny for wood these days.  That is some nice looking bread and pastry you have there too.  Good luck with your new profession.  Look forward,  don't look back, have fun and bake on..

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Do you pronounce it stotties or stohties? In Scotland we use the second pronunciation for bouncing off the walls after 6 pints of McEwans.

I've always wanted to try these - I tried plenty of McEwans in my misspent youth!  Patsy

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Another great adventure starting out, good luck to you , looking pretty good there, great oven and bread photo's all the best in the future, we shall be following with great interest

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Good luck to you in your new career.  I admire your spirit of adventure and willingness to follow your dream.

Look forward to reading about your adventures.


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Oh my goodness that recipe triggered a memory! I will make this recipe this week! Thank you! She did use leftover mashed potatoes do you think it matters because I have no dried potatoes?
My Irish step mother made this bread in a Dutch oven on the stove, she flipped it half way through She never had a recipe and she just calls it " potato bread". She also has not made it in my adult life and never could give the recipe because it was " by feel"

Good luck and thank you again I am excited to bake an old memory and from what it sounds like this is the recipe!

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potato bread and when it came out of the oven all brown and crusty, and she was lucky to have all ingredients, she quickly spread margerine on the hot dough along with cinnamon and sugar, it was awsome !  :) 

I love anything with potatoes, anyway.



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I bought one of your potato stottie loafs from the quayside market - it lasted about fifteen minutes when I got home! Delicious! I've added it to my foodie blog here - as you didn't manage to get a photograph of it you're welcome to use the image if you want to. I'm looking forward to tasting the other loaf I bought, but I'm so full at the moment I can hardly move!

Good luck with the venture, hope it works out well for you.

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Will try the bread as well!

As a person familiar with wood used to heat things (live in Northern Canada) may I say that the willow will burn hot as its really a hardwood. Its usually mixed with poplar here to have a longer burn, the poplar burns up quicker and then the willow burns longer with lots of coals. I've used it in a charcole BBQ instead of the briquetts, we BBQ'd a turkey one Xmas, over nothing but willow coals, and didn't have to add more and worry about the fire going out. Much easier to get going too!


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Hooray! I've been trying to find you on the internet since buying some of your bread at Gibside over the summer. It was the best sourdough I've ever eaten. Can you tell me where you'll be selling over the next couple months?