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Ideas for dough that didn't rise

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Ideas for dough that didn't rise

I tried making a basic fluffy sandwich bread, but the dough didn't rise, apparently the yeast was dead and I didn't notice, though bubbles appeared when activated. Anyways, any ideas on what recipes can I do with this failed dough, maybe somekind of flatbread? Your suggestions are welcome!

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Dissolve some new yeast in a few tablespoons of water and knead it in. Let it rise as usual.

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Depending on how long it's been sitting, you may be able to cut it up into small chunks, dissolve it in some water, and incorporate it into new dough. 

If you can't use it all, certainly you can refrigerate (or short-term freeze) this "scrap dough" to incorporate into other breads. 

Crackers might work too :)

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 Try your hand at sculpting  dead dough into decorative pieces, wheat sheafs, plaits, animals  etc have fun, its pretty hard to resurect, You cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear.  

regards Yozza