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Lidl Silvercrest Food Processor

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Lidl Silvercrest Food Processor

Don't laugh but last week I bought a Lidl Silvercreast Food Proessor!! Well to be honest it is the best I can afford at this point in time. From what I can gather the machine is based on the Bosch MUM 4.

Anyway I have two-weeks to try it out and see if it is worth keeping, Lidl have a very good returns policy.

Over the next few days I'll be playing around with the machine, making a cake and possible a few cup cakes just to give it a trial run. but would appreciate some guidelines on how long to use the dough hook for when mixing my dought - give me a guideline for mixing a 500g white loaf.

It would be great if any members with experience of the Silvercrest machine would reply and let me know their experiences


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I have to say a couple of things about that mixer:

-it can't handle small amounts of dough because the hook doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl: in my opinion the smallest amount of dough should be at least 750 gr. I tried to contact the support service to replace the hook with a longer one, but I didn't have it. Same thing for whipping eggs: at least 4.

-overall I like it! It does an unusual movent, rotating in diagonal (unlike ordinary planetary that stupidly wheel in a  simple circular manner), in practice it describes a cone rather than a cylinder. This movement does a better job at developing gluten because it pulls the gluten strands. I made several panettone with this mixer.