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Country White Pics

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Country White Pics

These are some pictures of a "Country White" that I bake.  It is a straight dough with no improver's, just organic stone ground bread flour, organic stone ground whole wheat flour, water salt and yeast.  It is so much fun to bake these, they just explode in the oven.  Every time I load them and they stand about four inches tall with a scoring mark gaping open down the right side of the loaf at about 60 degrees, I think to myself they are going to flop.  These loaves are scaled at 35oz and the dough is not what I would consider high hydration at under 70%.  I load the oven around 600-625 F and steam only for a few seconds and bake for around 25 min until the oven temp drops to around 440, bring the temp back to 500 and bake another 15 min.  Around min 8-12 is ware something magical happens, I do not bake any other bread right now that has such spring in the oven!  I do not have any crumb shots right now, I did not want to cut these because we have so much bread to eat already.  These usually have a open crumb that is cool and toothy, it is great smeared with garlic compound butter and grilled.  Thanks for looking-

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are getting to 625 F is if I put them in a WFO or funeral pyre outside :-)  The bread looks great and it must taste great too.

Very nice bread baking!