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Fresh Bread

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Fresh Bread

I am looking for suggestions on the best way to store bread.  I enjoy baking fresh bread, but as I am the only one in the household and don't eat much bread (all those carbs), my beautiful bread stales before I can eat it all!  Freezing doesn't work for me, it gets a little soggy on defrosting.  Any suggestions welcomed.

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Mini Oven

How are you defrosting to get soggy bread?  

Or how are you freezing to get soggy defrosting?  :)  

What kind of bread?

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I divide my bread in half, double wrap the bread and then put in a freezer bag.  I don't have any problems with bread getting soggy doing it this way.  I always make sure the bread is thoroughly cooled before wrapping and freezing.  Hope this is of some help to you

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wayne on FLUKE

A lot of moisture is given off during cooling so be sure to let it cool either uncovered or with a towel which will soften crust more.

I always freeze my breads and rolls. I slice a sandwich loaf after cooling and then when I want a couple of slices I just pop them off and thaw either on the counter or on the defrost cycle in the microwave (but do not overdo it!)

Never soggy for me.


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Since bread stores best at room temperature over the short run, stales fastest in the refrigerator, and freezes beautifully in a very cold freezer, I decided some while ago to slice my homemade breads, once fully cooled from baking, and then freeze the slices in a well-sealed plastic bag.  I then take out only the number of pieces I'm going to use and allow them to thaw on a plate at room temperature or toast them without even waiting for them to thaw.  In my hands, my frozen bread slices, using this simple technique, revive well for the eating.  Good luck.



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Thanx all for your comments.  I must admit I have only frozen store bought bread before (ugh), which never seemed to freeze well.  Have not committed my home efforts to the freezer yet ..too precious and tasty.  I am having great results with recipes from this great site, semolina sandwich loaf and my favourite, Dan Lepard's sour Cream Bread, pizza and many more.   I do make brioche buns a la Michel Roux and freeze individually  by wrapping first in foil and then clingwrap and when defrosted nuke for 25secs. This works OK. Perhaps this would work for separate slices of bread too?     Trouble is, with age comes memory lapses, i.e., forgetting to remove from freezer and then being breadless!  I appreciate all of your omments and kindnesses in taking the time to help.