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Brown or Black Bread Recipe


Brown or Black Bread Recipe

When I was a little girl (in the sixties) my mom would go to the Turlock, CA "Sales Yard"; a flea/farmers market. There was a man there who sold a very delicious dark brown bread. It was not a Rye or Pumpernickle bread, it was sweet and soft like regular yeast bread, but so wonderful I've never forgotten it. I have searched sites and recipes for many years but cannot find anything resembling that bread. The famous Outback bread recipe is sort of similar but it is not the soft, tender, sweet loaf I remember. If anyone knows of a recipe simalar, can you please share?  

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Sounds like it might be something similar to a British/UK, or Canadian Malt loaf.

You can find a couple or few threads here(search), but they don't seem to lead to much. Could be wrong on that, so it's worth a few tries.