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Whole Rye Kernels at Whole Foods Market

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Whole Rye Kernels at Whole Foods Market

I dropped by Whole Foods Market today here in Oklahoma.  I went in looking for Whole Rye Kernels and wasn't expecting to find them.  To my surprise they have them and at an excellent price: 99 cents a pound if I recall--or maybe more but whatever price it was I thought it was pretty fair at the time.  I picked up three pounds for some pumpernickel bread.  I'll be smashing, chopping, grinding and soaking portions of them myself as I couldn't find any chopped or cracked kernels there at the store.

I also picked up my first King Arthur Flours at like $4.39 a 5lb bag:  Bread, All Purpose, and Whole Wheat flours.  Unfortnuately they did not have any King Arthur Rye flour there or else I would of bought it; (Hodgson Mill Rye seems really good so I'll just stick with it.)

They also had some whole spelt kernels there as well as ground up spelt.  I bought a pound of the spelt kernels in case I ever want to add it to a loaf.  I don't have any loaf in mind but it just seemed cool to buy this ancient wheat  :)

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There is a wealth of information about spelt in this website. Try spelt in the search field. You will find hours of interesting reading. 

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As Minioven once said, "spelt and rye like each other".  A good complement to your rye flour.