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Article: The Secret Life of Ciabatta, by Robin Stummer

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Article: The Secret Life of Ciabatta, by Robin Stummer

I thought this article from The Guardian (UK newspaper) would be interesting for this forum. The direct link is:


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Hi Thihal 123

Thanks for posting and sharing that article with us, i enjoyed it, just like, well a good ciabatta!

kind reagards Yozza

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Hi thihal123,

Thank you for sharing that article, is is interesting.  

I hope you don't mind but I removed the reprint.  I've only been given grief about permissions and copyright a few times here, but one such time was from folks affiliated with The Guardian.  They'd prefer to have folks read their content on their site than copy and paste it.  Fair enough, I suppose.



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Hi Floyd,

Not a problem. I was only hoping to have it here for "perpetuity" sake, since one never knows when a newspaper article would disappear for good. Strange that Guardian UK would have given you grief about that before. OH well! :)



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Dan didn't lay claim to inventing Ciabatta this time :-)