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Corseness of Great River Milling Specialty Rye Flour

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Corseness of Great River Milling Specialty Rye Flour

Can anyone who has used Great River Milling's Specialty Rye Flour speak to the level of corseness/fineness of the flour?



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We had the same question, so I Great River Organic Milling and asked. The women with whom I spoke said the grind is a medium grind, not too fine, not too coarse. (I also asked if they even offer rye chops, and she said no, only for special orders of a pallet or more.)

I just ordered a 25-pound bag from Amazon, and we'll give it a try.

We're expecting it will be good for adding to sourdough and pumpernickel breads, but not coarse enough for making 100% Finnish rye.

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I'd be interested in learning how this flour worked for you when making Finnish rye bread. Also whether it's course enough. I've been trying to make Finnish rye bread using Bob's Red Mill rye - a combination of their dark rye flour (40% or 50%) and pumpernickel (60% or 50%). I prefer it more course overall so I'm hesitant to buy a 25 lb only to have to buy even more of the courser/pumpernickel grind somewhere else. Thanks!

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Hi gretchie, the rye flour from Great River Organic Milling, in my opinion isn't medium grind (as the mill said when I called them) but more on the fine side. It's excellent flour, fresh and flavorful, but not appropriate for making 100% Finnish rye bread; I would need a much coarser grind for that.

At our house, we've been incorporating the flour into sourdough loaves (at 20% rye, 50% whole wheat, 30% bread flour) and other rye breads.

I'm thinking about buying a 25-pound bag of the whole rye berries and grinding them myself, as needed, but haven't worked myself up to it yet.