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First Sourdough loaf and I kneaded too soon

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First Sourdough loaf and I kneaded too soon

Hello forum,

I'm new here and have just recently gotten into bread making.

I made my own sourdough starter about a week and a half ago, it appears to be going well, and I made some delicious sourdough muffins with it this morning.

Since it makes me sad to waste my starter, i have been saving the last few days worth up in the fridge. Last night i took it out and fed it and left it sitting out. I used the 1-2-3 method (1 part starter, 2 parts water, 3 parts flour + 2% of the flour's weight in salt) to make my first loaf using the revived sourdough discards. The dough is currently fermenting.

The problem is, i got so carried away that i forgot i wasn't meant to knead the dough...

It is my understanding that the ingredients should be just combined and left to ferment, and then the dough is to be kneaded after fermentation..

I was kneading for a fair while...probably 10 minutes (kneading by hand). And i made so much dough..about 3 loaves worth ( i guess i didn't realise how much i was making until i had added all the ingredients.)

Is the sourdough now ruined because I kneaded before letting it ferment rather than after?

Does anyone know why you are not meant to knead until after the fermentation resting period?

Thanks :)

- Nikku

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Mini Oven

Not sure what the "fermenting resting period" is... autolyse?   The half hour rest after combining ingredients is to let the flour absorb the water and get a start on gluten formation before kneading.  Whether you hand knead thru the first half hour or not is up to you.  Some of us just like to take up kneading, some of us do other things while the dough rests.  As long as you didn't add any flour (or not much) it should be just fine. 

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There is no problem kneading dough straight away once mixed.

Only thing I can think of is whether you might be thinking of the situation where you make up your bread dough from a fermented levain. So for instance I mix starter with quite a lot of new flour and water (what I call a levain, some might just say it's a heap of starter), and there's surely no point kneading that lot. Then I expand that further by adding a further lot of new flour and water (and salt this time) to make the final bread dough. This  definitely is kneaded (after a 20 min rest immediately after mixing).