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High Gluten French Bread Recipe Please

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High Gluten French Bread Recipe Please

Does anyone have a recipe for a bread with more gluten content than normal bread? I know that you can extract the gluten from starch by washing the bread dough but i'm not too sure how much of the extracted gluten and the normal dough i should use. If possible i would like a high-gluten french bread recipe, more gluten than normal.

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How high is the gluten content? Do you have the flour miller tech info sheet?
May be same procedure as per normal bread stick but do not knead as much
so gluten strands may not fully develop
Anyway what gluten does to the bread crumb is to form larger air pocker holes and chewiness.

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Gloucester Va.

Get vital wheat gluten from Bobs Red-mill and add 1~2 tbls to your bread mix