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Brotform has splinters

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Brotform has splinters

I just purchased a brotform and basket from SFBI. The brotform was without a liner and has splinters all over the inside. Little tiny strands that I can pull off easily and that I feel will get stuck on wet dough. Is this normal? Will taking fine sand paper to th brotform ruin it?  



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My brotforms have fibers that are peeling from the main cane, and always have.  I don't worry about it and they don't cause any problems.  If they happen to attach to your dough, it seems that they should be pretty easy to remove from the surface.



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Mini Oven

you may want to cut any large ones with a clean nail clipper.   Don't pull on them.  The thinner ones with soften with the first  few uses of dough and "disappear."   :)