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Hello from Brisbane

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Farmer Elly

Hello from Brisbane


I'm a newbie to this forum, but have been enjoying the wisdom of 'fresh loaf' for a number of years now. I bake sourdough and yeast breads and experiement with flat breads and other things when I get the chance. So I thought I'd finally join and perhaps post some of my bread pics and recipes (my hubby thinks I should expand my audience). By the way I'm not really a farmer, just a wannabe with chickens and a vegie patch in the backyard.

I have a couple of pressing questions too about flour types and Australian stockists - now to figure out where to ask them :)




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Hi Elly

Welcome  to TFL

Always good to see another Aussie on board, even if you are over the otherside, We definately need more WEST AUSSIES, i only know of one  here in Perth and we did meet up and had a great time but i haven't seen Ross-n-roller post for a long time (where are you mate)

Here is the place to post your questions just fire away, usually you will get some good feed back.

I too keep chooks,  a trio of elderly bantams and recently a couple of barnvelders that free range the garden

thats the girls there and down below are the lovely brown eggs that hey produce. I chose the Barnvelders for their temperment and the egg colour.

I will often add an egg to any of the enriched doughs that i make, in particular fruit doughs

Kind regards Yozza (get posting)

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Farmer Elly

Thanks Yozza - I love your girls! I will get posting soon.. promise ;-)

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Aussie Pete

Hello Elly,

Great to see another ozzie on board. Welcome and look forward to your questions.

I'm ten hours down the road at Cessnock about 40 k's west of Newcastle. Entrance to the famous Hunter Valley wine fields of Pokolbin.

Aussie Aussie Aussie........Oi Oi know the rest...............Cheers...........Pete.

BTWay.......I just dream of having some chooks but our home doesn't lend itself to it I'm afraid....although I have access to buying fresh free range eggs...........blows the 2 majors away(coles and woolies) in quality.....Your questions are??