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whole grain

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dennis cook

whole grain

This is really new for us. We sell the Bosch mixers & grain mills, located, Trail B.C. We do our best,having so many bread questions we can not answer, hope this site can be of a bandaid.

We are both retired & this hobby has turned into more. We enjoy it & keeps us busy. We can be found on face book & also have a web site. Our names are "Dennis Cook"..."Paulette Mercier"  our busness is Cook Shoppe"

Thanks & God Bless


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Welcome Dennis,

Feel free to send your questions here as you will likely find an answer.


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dennis cook

any good recipes or tips on how to make bread out of fresh ground almonds?

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If you type almond into the search box and then hit search you will find a few recipes for almond in bread and almond bread.