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Hey Yall,

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Hey Yall,

Hey guys and gals, 

I made an account here some months ago and promptly forgot about it, now I'm back and excited to do some learning and maybe eventually some teaching as well, 

I'v got some pugliese fermenting as I type this and a brand spankin new oven stone begging to be given it's maiden voyage.


Happy baking.

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turned out nice, and the stone survived its maiden voyage without a crack.

Happy baking,


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oh yeah! the stone did glorious and the pugliese came out grand despite my being forced to use fine ground semolina instead of the proper extra fancy durum which is darn near impossible to find.

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I solved the "can't find Durum" problem by milling my own! You *need* a Retsel... :)

/hypnovoice off