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Sooful and Sourdough

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Sooful and Sourdough

A couple weeks ago I got a new cookbook, the recently updated version of Margaret Fox’s Morning Food.  It is chock full of great recipes for muffins, scones, omelettes, fritattas and other a.m. goodies.  It is also a great read, written with humor and charm.

I made her Ole Souffle.  Fox notes that there are intentionally no accent marks on those words: it is pronounced “olee sooful” (she’s as creative with her dish-naming as her cooking).    It is a delicious cornmeal and hot pepper dish—somewhere between cornbread and corn pudding, leavened with baking soda and egg whites, and with some real nice spice.  Served with thawed and re-heated Focaccia buns.

Then this last weekend I made a return to the San Francisco Country Sourdough, with no changes to my formula and method of last time (–-countryer-sourdough).

Made a nice sandwich with moist turkey breast and incredible August heirloom tomatoes.

I love Summer!