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beery taste and smell

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beery taste and smell

I Made 2 loaves using 2 packets of  bread mix. When starting to use the first  loaf everything was fine ,but after a few days the bread seemed less crispy when cutting and there was a slight beery smell but the taste seemed ok.The bread was 90% used for toast and lasted one week.Both loaves were each kept in a stayfresh bag.The second loaf was started today and tastes quite beery, it still feels quite fresh but am not sure whether this should be used.I hope some people can advise me on this and also if possible can tell me what is causing this beery taste.




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If you look at the package it probably says malted barley flour on it, malt powder, malt extract, or something like that. That might contribute to a beer-like flavor if there was quite a bit of it. Another would be that the loaf may not have baked all the way through. If it continued fermenting, it would first start to taste/smell beery, then it would start to sour a few days after that if kept moist.


I really wouldn't worry about it at all. The only thing you really have to worry about is mold and you'll know that's around because by the time it gets to be a problem it's readily visible. If the flavor bothers you, don't buy the packets in the future.


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Mini Oven

and you're wondering if it is still fresh?

Beery or more like overripe melons?  Cut a slice and stick it back on the loaf, now pull the slice slowly away from the loaf and see if it has fine threads that pull between the slice and the loaf.  If so, throw the bread away.  

If you see mold growing on the surface anywhere, the bread is not to be eaten.  Mold runs deep into the crumb and it shouldn't be cut off and eaten.

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I expect a beery smell from SD starter, sometimes from well-risen dough, but never from baked and cooled bread.  If I'm not going to eat bread or sandwich rolls for a week, I freeze them.

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Yeah, even my big sourdough miches only last a week, and they are sourdough and giant loafs.  Something from a packet I suppose is yeasted, and probably straight-dough method.  I wouldn't eat any straight-dough yeasted bread more than 2 days after it was baked, unless I was making bread crumbs or croutons with it.