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Dan Lepard's Sour Cream Bread

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Dan Lepard's Sour Cream Bread

Has anyone on this forum tried making Dan Lepard's Sour Cream Bread?  It looks interesting and  I wonder if anyone has any comments, good or bad, before I get stuck in.

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If you put the words  - Dan Lepard's Sour Cream Bread - Into this sites search function, it should throw up a few comments you seek

Happy baking


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this recipe came up, I did some research on Sour Cream Bread on the Internet and found that most of the recipes are nearly the same and have been around for years and years.  One had a little more this or less of that but they were very close.  What made my mind up was that I found an identical ingredient recipe proportionally, that had been scaled down in size slightly, for making in a bread machine from the mid 1990's.  It was in the recipe book that came with the machine.  If you can make it in a bread machine then it has to be a good recipe for those who what to make it by hand.

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I have made that bread a few months ago, following this post. I was very satisfied with the result. Here are some pictures

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Thanx all for your help.  Your loaves look great LiliN, can't wait to try it.  Its about 13 deg C here in the am, so will have to try hard to find a warm spot for proofing.

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I have made this loaf/bread many times and it is easy to make and makes a very good loaf in my opinion.  It makes lovely toast and children like it especially.