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Bread Oven

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Bread Oven


Hello the Forum,

I am a newbie and would like to know about out-door ovens. It is to hot in Oklahoma to bake bread. What about a toaster oven on the patio? If so, which one. I like to bake French bread in a baguette pan. What about solar ovens? Thanks for the help.


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of normal length might be too long  for a mini convection oven.  I can only get a 16" long one in mine crossways.  In AZ  we bake outside with a mini convection cuisinart.  It has been up to any bread so far.  Make sure you get a convection one and one with the controls on the bottom if you plan to use steam.  With controls on the top or sides they might get steamed and not work.  Mine has worked great for almost a year, 2 summers) and it does everything a big oven does, broil, bake, roast (all reg or convection), only weighs about 5-6 pounds and cost about $100.  The one thing it does not do well is toast bread.  We discovered 2 ways to steam in it that work well too.  Using Sylvia's steaming method reduced to a Pyrex cup with a face towel in it or using an overturned stainless steel bowl for boules.  You can buy a pizza stone for it too.  You can check my blog for all the breads and other stuff we have made in it.  Sure saves on the A/C.  Mini Ovens are sure getting popular and for good reasons.

Happy Mini Baking