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Sourdough bread to sour

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Sourdough bread to sour

I use my starter when it peeks. Normally the bread that I get tastes very good. Today I baked two loafs (used for the first time a dutch oven) and they both are so sour that ... they are hardly edible. I am now unsecure on how I can prevent this in the future. Can this fail be due to the dutch oven?

I would appreciate any advice.

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Mini Oven

and how you feed your starter and the temperatures.  Everything can be tweaked so have no fear.  The more info you provide the easier it will be to help.  

Most important is info on feeding and taking care of the starter to get a good portion of very productive yeast (as opposed to an over portion of sour producing bacteria.)  

Then a link to the recipe.  :)

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One of my starters became way too sour as I suspect I was leaving it too long between refreshing and baking, so I added half a tsp. of baking soda to the dough and the bread came out the way it used to, that is, not sour.

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One possible cause is a long prove time. If you retard the dough in a colder environment this increases the prove time. Doing so can increase sourness. How long did the dough prove?