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best bread in the world????????

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best bread in the world????????

hey im new here andi was wonderi  if anybody knows which is the best type of bresd in the world? like of which country? 


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Hmm...I don't think there's an objective answer to your question. :)

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If you stick around here and study what's been posted and maybe read a few good bread baking books, the best bread in the world could eventually be what you bake yourself.

Welcome to TFL, and Happy Baking!


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I echo David sentiments!  Also, any bread you bake is better than the factory-made breads!


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Aussie Pete

Hi Young Baker,

I agree totally with David and Ford with the addition of finding which bread recipe suits your taste the best. So try some different recipes and methods, bake it yourself and hey have the worlds best bread.


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I have no one favorite bread, or best bread. There are so many to admire for so many reasons. Like music-you can't ask what the best music is-depends on so many things. You can ask what the best jazz is or rock. Then people will start talking about the best in that category.

The best soft,refined flour loaf for me is the Hokkaido Milk bread and a second best is the Lazy Man's brioche from this site. My favorite baguette is always someone else's as I have yet to master that. My fav whole wheat is my own.

Actually, in thinking about it, I would say my favorite loaf is always a homemade loaf made with simple ingredients and love. That is the best bread in the world!

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thx everybody for your answers, i am a 14 yr old whos being cookin since 10 and i just mastered my laminatin skills and croissant and danishes so i found somethin bout Asian style bread, that is is very soft and lasts more tim, so i started wonderinnif Asian bread was the best XD 

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I made my first loaf when I was 37 - and I'm the son of a baker! - so you've got 23 years on me!

As you explore the wonderful world of breadmaking, you find many other breads that will be - at the time - your favourite breads. Eventually, you'll come to the conclusions that others on this thread have come to - and you'll still carry on exploring.

Be nice to see some pics of your laminated breads when you get a chance. :)

Best wishes, Paul



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The wonderful thing is that in the world there are many kinds of bread, all different.

In Europe there are already hundreds of varieties, between Northern Europe with dark rye bread, France and his stick, England and Victorian bread, ciabatta and Italy, I can not mention all of them. In the Middle East, North Africa, there are still other kinds, and in Central Asia is also a tradition of bread ... until America and the San Francisco sourdough...  It's great because you can try them all, with their incredible variety they are all as good as each other and they also reflect the history of humanity.

hello from France,

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The best bread in the world is for me basic single grain sourdough
The list of things it takes to make it
Sough dough
Flour ( type dependent on desire)

How you build and bake can make so any things there is no room to list! But those four things in y opinion make the very set breads in the world
Have fun!

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Good question!  I think you can answer it by saying that the best bread in the world is the type that YOU like the best (at that moment anyway) and was made most perfectly terms of the attributes that YOU pick.  It's almost like saying "Most beautiful woman in the world" or "Most attractive man in the world" ...factors including the physical self, spiritual self, emotional self, etc etc etc ...all measured and valued differently be each person making the judgment. 

I think a more informative question might be, which culture has contributed the most to the development of creating bread-like products terms of flavor and style development, scientific contribution, etcetera.  Still a highly subjective question, but one that may narrow things down to individual creative cultures?  It would be an interesting study regardless...




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changes all the time and it is all TFL's fault too.  TFL isn't a country it sure is a community of many countries which is way better, way way better,  in my book.  My 5 favorite bread list has 15 different ones on it :-)  All of them pinched wholly or partially from Fresh Loafian Bakers.  Can't get that from any country or anywhere else I'm guessing.

I think you found the right place to learn about baking bread.  I sure have.

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  • for a 'monster' mixed sandwich, I like baguette but I LOVE knot rolls made with some dehydrated or mashed potato in the dough and the rolls smothered in poppy or sesame seeds...
  • for curry, nothing beats whole-grain chapatti, but I'll eat garlic and nigella-coated naan and enjoy it...
  • for an open sandwich, say: salami, Emmental cheese and sliced pickled cucumbers with fries on the side, any good rye bread will do, with or without caraway seeds...
  • for BBQ ribs with sauce, it almost has to be ciabatta, for me, but I'll eat pita or filone with it and LOVE it...
  • for doner kebab (chevirme/shawarma) there is NO substitute for pocket bread such as pita...

In my humble opinion, nothing in the world is more boring than eating the same bread every day. [Well, maybe watching paint dry...] Where I've lived in the past, it's been a feast of bread and never the same bread more than twice in one week. Now, the choices are not as great, I've had to learn the D-I-Y method of keeping different breads on the table. It's been worth it! 

Best to all bakers!