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Sour cream onion leek bread? Any ideas?

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Sour cream onion leek bread? Any ideas?

I was thinking about am experiment with bread today. I am going to try to make a sour cream onion leek bread. I will saute the onions first until they are caramelised and maybe steam the leek and just add some sour cream to the wet part of my dough mix. Any thoughts or ideas?

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Take a look at the recipe on this site "Norm's Onion Rolls". He develops a great,sweet onion flavor by using dehydrated onions,soaking them in water and using both the onion and soaking water in the recipe. Very delicious!

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we love caramelized onions in bread.  I think some sun dried tomato and a little fresh roesmary would go well with your SC and Leeks.

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Mini Oven

Leeks and Sour Cream.   If you end up with a sticky dough, chill it for a few hours while it bulk ferments in the fridge.  I would saute the leeks very very slowly almost drying them out and browning at the same time.  

I like this as a soup too adding soup stock and some crushed caraway seeds.  Just a little flour or mushroom flour to thicken.  

Hey! to decorate the loaf, try wilting some long leek leaves and loosely weave them on a floured cloth spread out on the table, flip the top of the shaped dough onto the weave and pick up the corners to place in a colander or banneton to proof.  When ready to turn over, stick the leek ends onto the dough, and invert onto parchment, score thru the leeks (try a scissors or a lethally sharp blade) and bake.    How's that for an idea?  Wonder what that will look like...

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Frequent Flyer

It's a bread made with leeks, onions, a little sour cream and potato.  Might give you some ideas.


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This may sound a bit over the top, but I have used a double batch ('home' formula) of Hammelman's "Unkneaded Bread" as a base for adding one carmelized onion, a 1/2 pound of thick-cut chopped bacon, and 2 medium red potatoes, cubed. The bread is very flavorful and makes amazing sandwiches.

I crisp the bacon first, remove them and carmelize the onions in the bacon grease. After the onions are done, I set them aside, then cube and cook/crisp the potatoes in the same pan. Hammelman's recipe calls for 20 fold/turns every 30 minutes for 3 hours. I incorporate all of these cooled additions, including any bacon grease left in the pan (I was going for taste, not health on this one!), during the last hour (last 2 folds). I was surprized, but the loaves always rise well, and there is enough structure to make good sandwich bread. I've even included some cubed cheese to the mix with great results . . . kind of a self contained meal. A slice of this toasted in the morning will really fill you up.

I think your sour cream, leaks, and onions could go into Hammelman's recipe with no problem. You might need to adjust the water content to accomodate the sour cream. Your bread idea sounds very tasty!

Scott (Phxdog)