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My perfect bread - Thank you Fresh Loafers

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My perfect bread - Thank you Fresh Loafers


I have been on an search for "my" version of the perfect bread for the last 1 1/2 years,
and i am very happy to say that i finally reached my goal.

Much research and try'n error has been tried, but! - this would not have happened without the help of all you wonderful people, so thank you very much!

You can see my bread here - 

Thanks again!

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Mini Oven

Dynamite photography and that crumb shot is just gorgeous!  I even smell bread!

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Enjoyed seeing your lovely bread and reading your  blog too. Thanks for sharing your success!

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Beautiful loaves. I, too, can smell them...


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Mini Oven

Enjoyed them but...  It took me a while to realize 12 minutes was 2 minutes and 130 min was just 30 minutes.  The "/" symbol  looks too much like the number one.  I would leave it out for clarity on upcoming videos.  I found it difficult to have to read so fast.  Maybe I need a third cup of coffee...  :)