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Greetings from Switzerland

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Greetings from Switzerland

I have spent so much time lurking here that I thought it was high time I finally made an account for a more interactive experience! There are so many wonderful bakers here and I am looking forward to getting to know you all. I have baked countless "simple" loaves with dry yeast (and with varying degrees of success), but am now the proud parent of a starter gifted to me by a wonderful woman and am on a steep learning curve, but loving every minute of it. There is a world out there that I am dying to be part of.  :)

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Welcome and enjoy your stay....lots and lots and lots more can be learned here.


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When I stepped into the world of baking with sourdough starters I was soon carried away by the process.  I went from baking maybe 3x a week to daily baking just so I could learn more and have more practice...It has been about 2 years and I am still baking daily and still learning something new with every dough I mix.  And I love every minute of it.....except the washing of the dishes part.....

Anyway, if you haven't already read the posts here written by Debra Wink you might enjoy them as they are full of information about starters and she does a great job of explaining the biology behind them in a way that is easy to grasp.